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Wayne Gendel's Greeting

Wayne Gendel's Greeting

You might be asking,

"Wayne why do you want to coach, lecture, write, and also
provide a resource center for natural health?"

I knew since the age of 16,
when my brother gave me my first book on natural health,
that this was my strong passion.
And after 30 days of eating raw living foods,
the deal was sealed!
It was a clear signal for me to share what I was learning
and to make it as clear and as simple as possible
to reach new levels of wellness.

After over 30 years of lecturing, writing and coaching,
I wanted to share a small fraction of
my passion on natural health,
with these 10 great longevity health tips!


Please Live Forever Healthy! 

Wayne Gendel's Healthy Lifestyle Coaching 

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1. Eat Raw, Living Foods as Nature Intended

2. Drink Purified, Energized,
pH Balanced, ‘Living', Restructured Water

3. Water Wonders

4. Liver Cleanse

5. Essential Oils’
Amazing Uses

6. Enzymes for Energy

7. Uncontrollable Carbohydrate Cravings?

8. Flavoured Nutrition with Herbs & Spices 

9. Sexercise is Good

10. Clear ‘P’.

(And we are not talking city green P parking spots.)


Thank You & Please Live Forever Healthy!
~ Wayne Gendel, Longevity Coach


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