1. Eat Raw Living Foods as Nature Intended

In my opinion, the two species on the planet not achieving optimal wellness are mankind and domesticated pets. Our animals, who depend on us, suffer from “civilization”, much like we do because of eating an unnatural processed diet. [1] 

Green Grapes in Sunshine

Be As Wise as an Owl 

In nature, wild animals eating entirely enzyme rich raw foods are free of the degenerative diseases that afflict humankind.

All other animals and living creatures eat their food fresh and raw!

Why Raw Living Foods?

Raw foods have more nutrition because cooked foods lose over 70% of the vitamins, protein, minerals and 100% of their living enzymes!

Raw foods digest much more quickly than cooked foods; [4] this means less energy used digesting foods [5] and more energy for you to be active! [6], [7]! 


Baskets of Strawberries at a Farmers' Market 


Raw fats, in the appropriate amount, are healthy.  

Cooked fats [8] are one of the most damaging foods, [9] in addition to refined white sugar [10] and common table salt. [11]

Raw fats balance your hormones, and do not clog your arteries, and do not cause excess weight gain. Raw fats, when kept to the appropriate amount, protect your cells and enhance your skin, because too much fat, even raw fat, can cause health problems.
[12], [13] 



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Graham, Douglas N.
80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Life One Luscious Bite at a Time (Paperback)

Review: Best Health Book EVER!! EVER EVER!!,
Jun 2 2010

By  H. Zarour "Spiritual Transformation Coach"
(Calgary, AB)    

This review is from:I am incredibly passionate about this book, it has transformed my life. I heard rumblings about raw food in 2004 and started to incorporate it into my life, with health benefits. I had no teachers or guides, so I followed my body's signals and ate a lot of fruit, some greens and a few nuts with the odd potato thrown in. I felt good but was not getting enough calories. Then I came across the "raw movement" and was introduced to gourmet raw food, and my body felt even WORSE on this gourmet raw than it did on cooked!  I was struggling and I was told it was detox! Well, how long should detox last really??


Then I read this book by Dr. Douglas Graham and it reminded me of my original cues from my body about eating lots of fruit, greens and some nuts, with no oils or very little. He also made the important case to eat MORE fruit. Once I switched to this diet the benefits have been indescribable in words really.  

Here are a few:

- amazing energy
- vibrancy
- youth
- hormonal balance
- clear, steady, emotions. Emotional balance, even before my menstrual cycle
- clear eyes and skin
- being told I just have this "glow"
- flexibility
- AMAZING muscle tone. You grow muscle so easily on this diet, if you're a woman, you might want to use lighter weights so they don't grow too fast!! If you do only body weight exercises, your muscles won't grow big, you will just be lean.
- sexiness!!!
- spiritual awakening and clarity
- greater awareness of yourself and the surrounding world
- just feeling good!
- greater intelligence and intellectual ability
- no more muscle and joint pain!!
- no more morning stink!!
- your poop won't smell at all!
- no more spitting up mucus when you wake up, or waking up with a stuffy nose
- no more body odour, I swear!
- people will remark on the beautiful smell you emanate, even when you don't shower haha
- and more, I'll add to it as I remember!!

Why choose to fail when you have the choice to choose success? Why choose mediocrity when you can choose LIFE? 


Stanley, Tyler 

Diet by Design

 Diet by Design
is not just another "diet book;" but rather, a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive health resource that teaches you about diet and nutrition, food and water safety, food combining, healthy eating tips; lifestyle factors, how to shop for, store, and prepare produce [in a wonderful recipe section], and much, much more! Most other "diet books" present diets that do not work because you cannot wait to get off the diet and eat and eat and eat and eat [with the result of gaining the weight back and more]; however, Diet by Design is not like this because the pleasure of eating surpasses any junk food and fast food available and you can eat till you are satisfied and still lose weight, maintain your weight, or even gain weight if you need to.  



Santillo, Humbart, (Author), Debra Kantor (Editor).

Food Enzymes: Missing Link to Radiant Health

Includes information on the value of raw food and enzyme supplementation. Anyone interested in weight loss, longevity, vitality, immunity, and superior health will find this an invaluable resource.  



Howell, Edward.

Enzyme Nutrition
Lotus Press (WI); Revised edition edition (January 1993)

First Sentence:
"I adhere to the philosophy that both the living organism and its enzymes are inhabited by a vital principle or life energy which is separate and distinct from the caloric energy liberated from food by enzyme action."



Howell, Edward (Author);
Kulvinskas, Victoras (Designer).

The Food Enzymes for Health & Longevity (Paperback)

Revised and enlarged 2nd edition, this book includes much of the research material utilized by Dr. Howell to develop the "food enzyme concept". It also includes hundreds of references to support the conclusions and sets forth a number of principles. 



Shannon, Nomi (Author); Fong, Edmond (Photographer).
Raw Gourmet, The (Paperback)

from Harvey Diamond, Author of Fit For Life:
"Bravo to Nomi Shannon who has filled a crucial need... an inspiration..."

from Foreword to The Raw Gourmet,
by Brian Clement, Director Hippocrates Health Institute:

"Foods that are fun and foods that heal were once... incompatible...[no more!]...delectable... power-charged cuisine."



Calabro, Rose.

Living in the Raw Desserts (Paperback) 

Desserts are universally appealing, and now they can be enjoyed without guilt! Raw desserts are sumptuous and decadent, and can be made with organic nuts and fruits that are rich sources of healthful nutrients. The recipes in Living in the Raw Desserts are simple to prepare, outrageously delicious, and spectacular to serve--perfect for special occasions. Because they are made without wheat, sugar, or eggs, they can be enjoyed by anyone with food allergies.




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Thank You & Please Live Forever Healthy!
~ Wayne Gendel, Longevity Coach 


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