5. Essential Oils’
Amazing Uses

Therapeutic grade pure essential oils are more than just a pretty smell. There are hundreds of various applications [38] such as antibiotic, relaxing, stimulating, energizing, mood enhancers, perfumes and more!

They can be used as an air fresheners for home, work or cars, added to massage oils and foods and used as a breath freshener!



Use only therapeutic grade brands of
Essential Oils

Please remember to consult a trained Aromatherapist or a quality health food store for pure, therapeutic grade brands.

Please never use inexpensive brands of essential oils. It is essential to know that only certain brands can be used internally. It is generally recommended to use essential oils directly on the skin with a high quality carrier oil.

Essential oils should only be taken internally only under the supervision of a qualified natural healthcare professional. [39]

Risks involved include allergic reactions. [40]




So try a few drops of peppermint,except during the first 4 months of pregnancy, [41]  for the freshest breath, ylang ylang for relaxation in your massage oil or sweet orange for a wonderful air freshener! 

Sweet Oranges 

Please Note: Essential Oils Caution

1. All essential oils are not safe for those with Multiple Chemical and/or Environmental Sensitivities. [42]

2. “Some oils, such as eucalyptus, wormwood, and sage, should never be taken internally. Many essential oils are highly toxic and should not be used at all in aromatherapy. These include (but are not limited to) bitter almond, pennyroyal, mustard, sassafras, rue, and mugwort.”  [43]

3. “… aromatherapy purists insist that neither essential oil constituents as such, nor synthetic fragrant chemicals, should ever be used” internally.


Beware of Essential Oils added to food.  

4. Beware of essential oils that are added to many household and cosmetic products, including soaps, detergents, cleaners, perfumes, personal care items and the like.

When added to foods, an allergic reaction for an expecting mom, or later, during the lifetime of the child to be born, may be many times worse, than if applied to skin.  [45] 




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