6. Enzymes for Energy

Digestive enzymes in our body come from saliva, stomach and pancreas, liver, gallbladder bile and colon to help us digest food and keep us healthy.

Dr. Meyer from Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago found enzymes in young adults were 30 times stronger than that of seniors over the age of 69! [46]


A lack of enzymes can be associated with weight gain, inflammations, general fatigue, pain from acidic build-up in tissues, general pains, aches, acid blood, gas, bloating, constipation and many more health conditions!


Energy and Joy! 

Enzymes should be taken for those with poor health to assist the body in cleansing and getting back into balance.

Taking 2 or 3 plant digestive enzymes with a room temperature liquid will result in cleaner, more oxygen rich blood, in 5-10 minutes! (Proven with blood microscopy testing.) [47] 

Also take plant digestive enzymes when consuming more than 20% cooked food at a meal.  


Enjoy enzyme rich, fresh, raw living foods
for more energy and better digestion. 


When your diet is 80% or more raw, there will be no need for consuming plant digestive enzymes.

So eat more enzyme rich, fresh, raw living foods.

You should notice more energy and better digestion, and you will remain healthier longer!



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Thank You & Please Live Forever Healthy!
~ Wayne Gendel, Longevity Coach 



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