7. Uncontrollable Carbohydrate Cravings?

Having difficulty losing weight? Cravings for carbohydrate starchy foods are getting out of control? Dr. Doug Graham, DC, [48] found that scientists isolated 17 components in grains that behave exactly like opiates! [49]  

Drop the Starchy Carbs such as Whole Grain Bread.  

Drop the ‘cooked’ carbs and grains like breads, pastas. Add quality organic protein, fresh organic ‘ripe’ fruits, plenty of dark greens and/or green powder supplements, such as chlorella and spirulina, which are 55% and 65% protein, to your diet!
Refined sugars and refined salt (which contains sugar!) need to be eliminated.



Non-foods' synthetic fats (such as margarine has) and cooked fats should be eliminated from your diet and substitute raw healthy nuts, seeds, avocados and fresh cold pressed oils.

Eat at regular times with at least 4 hours between meals.

See Tip #10 for additional details on drinking liquids 10 minutes or more before meals and waiting 1 hour after meals until you drink again. 

These tips will help reduce your desire for highly glycemic carbohydrates! 



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Thank You & Please Live Forever Healthy!
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